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Department Head
Prof. Dr. Serpil AYGÜN CENGİZ

+9(0.312) 310 32 80 / 1050


Folklore entirely studies life from social and political structure to economic organization, oral customs, value system and beliefs to tangible culture products such as food-clothes production, architecture, and decorative arts. Folklore, which scientifically compiles, researches, evaluates and systematically explains all tangible and intangible elements of cultures, included in human life from birth to death, analyzes general development rules of culture history of humanity and especially folk culture and define differences and similarities between cultures.
Besides studying continuity of culture, primary objective of the department is also analyzing political, economic, technological and psychological factors which cause changes in culture. Folklore carries out studies and researches on customs, beliefs, traditions, music, plays, literal products which are resulted from anonymous or individual traditions, handicrafts, folk medicine, architecture as well as intangible cultural heritage and museum studies of locals of a country besides several ethnocultural groups. Therefore, ethnology does not only deal with traditional aspects but also focuses on several modern and current dynamics.
Department of Folklore, which has an interdisciplinary interest towards different human activities from natural sciences to social sciences, literature and art, provides a broader perspective to the students when they make evaluations on human, culture and society. Students can do a double major or minor and attend foreign trainings with Erasmus Student Exchange Programme.

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