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Academic Staff

Prof. Dr. F. Gül ÖZAKTÜRK

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Prof. Dr. Ümit Fafo TELATAR

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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Çağatay AŞKİT

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Res. Asst. Dr. Ceyda ÜSTÜNEL KEYİNCİ

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Inst. Rukiye ÖZTÜRK

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Head of the Department 

Prof. Dr. Ümit Fafo TELATAR

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The basics of language is studied in Department of Latin Language and Literature so grammar and structure of language is taught with theoretic and applied methods eight hours a week in the first two years. Society and literature of Rome is studied four hours a week. Structure of the language is broadly studied in syntax lessons in 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th semesters. (Four hours a week). Additionally, examples of Latin prose and poems are studied (eight hours a week). Students are responsible from all lessons of Department of Greek Language and Literature. Optional lessons are available from departments such as living languages, History, Philosophy, and Archeology. Whilst ‘gramma, atos n.” means a letter, total letters and writing in Greek, ‘littera, ae f.’ means ‘letter’ and plural form ‘litterae, arum f.’ means ‘total letters, writing, literature’ in Latin language. Everything which is written is included in ‘litterae’ such as: Medicine, law, astronomy, agriculture, geography, math, philosophy, science, politics, human, feelings and thoughts, literature and etc. Roman literature lessons accordingly are broad in scope. Original sources from especially Ancient and Medieval ages and partially Modern history, philosophy, archeology, western living languages and literatures cannot be studied without Latin language. Learning Latin is of high importance in Turkey, which is full of ruins of past. Latin language is required in order to read and evaluate some Ottoman archives. Latin language and literature is necessary for those who will research on western social sciences as western thought and civilization is based in classical literature. Department of Latin Language and Literature trains students for 8 semesters in order to enable them research on Prehistoric Period and Medieval Age. Graduates can study in these fields and subjects upon their wish. Practices have shown that, most of our students are employed by private and public sector whilst a small number of students work in museums. Graduates can also work in universities with a master’s or doctor’s degree.

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