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Head of the Department

Prof. Dr.Musa KADIOĞLU
+9(0.312) 310 32 80 / 1198


Classical Archeology mostly includes Ancient Period, which covers Greek and Roman civilizations. Classical Archeology Department includes courses on Minoan in Crete (BC 2800 – 1050), Mycenaean civilization in mainland Greece (BC 1600-1200) and Proto-Geometric – Geometric period (BC 1050-700), Archaic period (BC 650-480), Classical period (BC.480-330), Hellenistic period (BC 330-30), Roman Empire period (BC 30 – AC 395) archeology of Aegean Civilizations mainly Western Anatolia. Several pieces from Anatolia and other places are visually demonstrated in courses about Ancient history architecture and sculpture, ceramic, small antiques and coins.

All academic members and their assistants in our department have been carrying out excavation and research studies in several ancient cities. Many excavation works were conducted in ancient cities such as Smyrna, Phocaea, Erythrae, Pitane, Kaunos, Teos, Stratonikeia, and Phaselis. Arykanda (Antalya-Finike), Smintheion (Çanakkale-Gülpınar), Salamis (TRNC-Famagusta) under the chairmanship of former academic members of our department whilst academic members of our department have been carrying out excavations in Magnesia (Aydın-Ortaklar), Nysa (Aydın-Sultanhisar), Zeugma (Gaziantep-Belkıs) ancient cities.