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Academic Staff

Prof. Dr. Z. Kenan BİLİCİ

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Department Head

Prof. Dr. Ziya Kenan Bilici

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FOUNDATION: Department of Art History in Faculty of Languages, History and Geography was established in 1954 by Prof. Dr. Katharina Otto-Dorn, who was transferred from Heidelberg University with an invitation. Whilst it was Art History and Turkish Art Professorship in the first year, it was changed into Art History Professorship. As of 1982-1998, the department continued education as sub-department of Art history as part of Department of Archeology and Art History due to general amendments in the academic structure. The branch became Department of Art History in 1998.

AIM: Department of Art History aims at training Art Historians who can identify birth and previous stages of plastic art branches, which consists of art, sculpture, architecture and craft, follow up their current progress with a knowledge on major periods and principle features of Byzantine, Islamic, European and Turkish arts, study their relations and effect exchanges with other culture environments and effect. The students are equipped with skills and methods to research, analyze, certificate, interpret and present unknown issues in art history.


Architectural works and architectural decoration, handicrafts, miniature, art and sculpture arts are systematically introduced during education, in lessons, which cover Turkish Art and Architecture beginning from Central Asia chronologically Pre-Anatolian Turkish Art, Seljuk and Principalities periods in Anatolia, Ottoman Empire period and its European effects and following periods; Islamic, Early Christian and Byzantine Art, European Art; Modern Art. Principal professional information on Art theories, Terminology, Technique Drawing-Surveying, Research Methods, Archaeological Excavation Works in Art History, Restoration-Conservation are introduced besides seminars for major fields. There are both optional and elective courses in History of Art Department. Courses from other departments of our faculty are also available for each semester.


“Faculty of Languages, History and Geography Bachelor’s Degree” and “Art Historian” title is assigned to graduates of our department.

Art Historians define, evaluate, introduce and comment on all works of art in architecture, architectural ornament, miniature, ceramic, carpet, rug, tile, glass, plaster, ivory, wooden and metal handicraft, arts and plastic arts such as sculpture. Art historians also raise the awareness of public by protecting cultural heritage in order to preserve art pieces and transfer them to future generations.

Art Historians generally work in museums. They also work in Ministry of Tourism and provincial organization; General Directorate for Foundations and regional directorates, Ministry of Culture and province culture directorates. Graduates can also work as teachers in Secondary Schools of Ministry of National Education provided that they have teaching certificates. Graduates who work in museums are responsible from identifying, evaluating, keeping inventories, storing if necessary and promoting by exhibiting appropriately art pieces. Apart from clerical services, graduates can participate in long or short term surface studies and excavation works in order to reveal pieces from past.

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