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Academic Staff

Prof. Dr. Zeynep ZAFER

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Prof. Dr. Hüseyin MEVSİM

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Prof. Dr. Melahat PARS

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Inst. Yusuf Hüseyin BABEKOĞLU

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Res. Asst. Sadık HACI

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Head of the Department

Prof. Dr. Zafer ZAFER

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Bulgarian language has been taught within the scope of phonetics and vocabulary, word and sentence structure and stylistics in the four-year undergraduate programme of our department since 1991-1992 academic year. Practical and theoretical information on Bulgarian-Turkish/Turkish-Bulgarian translation are provided. Bulgarian literature, theory of literature and history of Bulgaria are studied in general terms. Written and spoken communication skills in Bulgarian language are taught to our students with broad applied studies. In our department, Bosnian is also taught to students besides Bulgarian.

Offering postgraduate and doctoral programmes since 1994, our department, which began training as part of Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures as of 2014-2015 academic year Fall semester, is in cooperation with Department of Russian Language and Literature and Department of Polish Language and Literature in terms of common lessons and scientific studies in undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. The collaboration enables a more efficient programme by providing lessons on other Slavic languages and cultures such as Russian and Polish.

Presenting research studies on traces of Turkish history of five centuries in Bulgaria and existence of Turks in Bulgaria and their effects on culture and language of Bulgaria to students is amongst objectives of the programme.

Our department has two main objectives. The first one is training specialist with primary training who can work in public and private sector or prepare students for postgraduate programmes. The second is educating students with knowledge of grammar as to carry out researches on Turkish history and comparative literature studies.

Summer seminars, which are held in Sofia, capital of Bulgaria and Veliko Tırnovo on July and August, are available for department students in order to develop their speaking skills. Additionally, students have the opportunity to attend undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and carry out applied studies for a semester in Bulgarian Language and Literature departments of Sofia University, Literature and Literature and Language Institutes of The Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Plovdiv Paisiy Hilendarski, Veliko Tırnovo Kiril, Metodiy and Shumen Konstantin Preslavski universities as part of ERASMUS Student Exchange Programme. Postgraduate students are offered a programme on specialization in Bulgarian Literature field and the researches are supported with interdisciplinary studies.

Education programme in Department of Bulgarian Language and Literature offers a rich variety of content as to train both teachers and researchers. The objective of the department is providing a multidirectional education to the students.

“Faculty of Languages, History and Geography Bachelor’s Degree” and “Philologist” title is assigned to graduates of our department.

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