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Academic Staff

Prof. Dr. Bedrettin AYTAÇ

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Prof. Dr. Rahmi ER

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Prof. Dr. M. Faruk TOPRAK

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Prof. Dr. Kemal TUZCU

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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Derya ADALAR SUBAŞI

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Res. Asst. Zühal KAZAR

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Head of the Department

Prof. Dr. Kemal TUZCU

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Objective of Department of Arabic Language and Literature is teaching Arabic Language by studying Arabic Language with Arabic Literature and history of culture. The department’s target is training students who are knowledgeable on historical, cultural and literal accumulation of Arab world and able to follow literal, political, social and economic development in Arab world from written and audio sources with language skills to express their thoughts by writing and speaking.

Arabic Grammar, History of Arabic Literature, Cultural History, Arabic-Turkish and Turkish-Arabic Translation subjects are taught in Department of Arabic Language and Literature. Poet and prose examples of Arabic Literature from different periods are studied, besides composition and speaking skills. Modern Arabic texts are translated besides classical texts in order to teach Arabic terms and phrases to students. Hebrew, Political History of Middle East and Literary Criticism lessons are also included in the programme.

“Faculty of Languages, History and Geography Bachelor’s Degree” and “Philologist” title is assigned to graduates of our department. Graduates are employed by Ministry of National Education as teachers, Ministry of Foreign Affairs besides public institutions and private sector such s libraries, archives and museums.

Undergraduate Program