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Academic Staff

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gürhan KİRİLEN

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Assoc. Prof. Dr. İnci İNCE ERDOĞDU

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Res. Asst. Havva ERŞAHİN

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Res. Asst. Gonca ÜNAL

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Head of the Department

Doç. Dr. Gürhan KİRİLEN

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Great Leader Atatürk placed great importance on “Turkish Language” and “Turkish History” in order to create nation awareness after he founded Republic of Turkey. He established autonomous Turkish Language Association and Turkish Historical Society.

In 1935, Faculty of Languages, History and Geography was established with Atatürk’s directives in order to train researchers for Turkish Language Association and Turkish Historical Society and scientists who will work in future universities. Sinology was included in faculty’s first 16 departments, which are established by considering interdisciplinary cooperation.

Sinology is the academic study of China, which is the culture center of Asia, primarily through Chinese language and civilization. Department of Sinology was established because Chinese is used as a source language in studying Central Asia Turkish history. Chinese language, history, literature and philosophy of China and Chinese civilization must be learned in order to benefit from Chinese records. Duty of Sinology is training scientists, who can reveal information about Turkish history from rich Chinese sources.

Modern Chinese, Classical Chinese, History of China, Chinese Literature, Chinese Philosophy and Chinese Culture subjects are taught for four years in Sinology Sub-department.

Graduates have the opportunity to travel to Chine with scholarships, which are provided as part of scientific cooperation protocol between Turkey and People’s Republic of China. Every year, 5-10 students travel to People’s Republic of China thanks to these scholarships.

Graduates of Sinology can work in Prime Ministry, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Undersecretaries of Treasury and Foreign Trade, Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Culture and universities. Every year, master’s and doctor’s degrees programmes, which also accept graduates of different disciplines, are opened as part of Institute of Social Science of Ankara University.

Undergraduate Program