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Department Head
Prof. Dr. Neşe ÖZDEN

+9(0.312) 310 32 80 / 1072


Objective of department of history is researching history of Turkey and World in accordance with requirements of history science. Department of History, which has the opportunity to work in collaboration with Geography and Philology departments, continues its pioneering position in teaching required archive and source languages for history researches.

Graduates of our department can attend initial teacher training according to quota.

Graduates can start working as research assistants, history teachers and archive experts.

Established with directives of Atatürk in 1935, Department of History consists of Ancient History, Medieval History, Modern History, Early Modern History, History of Turkish Republic and General Turkish History sub-departments. Students who follow a joint history programme with compulsory subjects, graduates from one of 6 sub-departments by writing thesis after completing 6 optional courses beginning from 3rd year of education.

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