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Academic Staff

Prof. Dr. Özlem PARER

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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Leyla Çiğdem DALKILIÇ

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Asst. Prof. Dr. Zulfiya ŞAHİN

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Res. Asst. Seyhan UÇAR

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Head of the Department

Prof. Dr. M. Özlem PARER

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Sub-Department of Russian Language and Literature of Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures offers a four year undergraduate program.

Courses on Russian language, culture and history are included in undergraduate programme. Students, who are admitted to the sub-department, are taught grammar of Russian language is taught in terms of phonetic, morphologic and syntax structure in detail. Subjects, which are taught in grammar lessons, are supported by practices in Russian-Turkish Translation, Turkish-Russian Translation, Speaking and Reading-Listening- Comprehension classes, which are provided for four years. Formal and informal speaking techniques for Russian are also taught in the lessons of undergraduate programme. History of Russian literature, lives and works of Classical and Modern Russian authors are studied in Russian literature lessons. Russian history from 9th century to 21st century is also studied. Russian History is studied with Eurasia Union and Perspectives and Russian Political History elective lessons with a broader perspective. Culture, customs and traditions of Russia, development of cinema, theatre and music and their effects on culture are studied in Russian Culture lessons. Russian Culture lesson is supported by Russian Folktales and Proverbs, Phrases and Verb Patterns classes.

Students of our sub-department have the opportunity to learn Russian and meet Russian culture in Russia in line with interuniversity bilateral cooperation agreements between Ankara University and Russian Federation. Successful Department Students are granted with scholarships for summers or semesters in Moscow State University and Saratov State University. They can also attend training in prestigious universities of the world with Erasmus programme on semester base.

Students of our department can attend lessons from Department of Polish Language and Culture and Department of Bulgarian Language and Literature besides other elective courses that are available in the faculty. English level of the students, who will prefer our university, must be in advanced level in order to learn Russian Language, which is an Indo-European language.

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