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Department Head
Prof. Dr. Hayriye ERBAŞ

+9(0.312) 310 32 80 / 1730


Department of Sociology includes four sub-departments: “General Sociology And Methodology”, “Institutional Sociology”, “Applied Sociology” and “Social Structure And Changes”.

Fundamental subjects of Department of Sociology Undergraduate Program are as follows: Introduction to Sociology, Sociology of Institutions, Introduction to Law, History of Sociology, Rural Sociology, Economy, Field Study, Qualitative Analysis, Family Sociology, Statistics, Methods and Approaches in Sociology, Sociology of Organizations, Social Change, Urban Sociology, Criminal Sociology, Developmental Sociology, Social Structure of Ottoman Empire, Social Structure of Turkey, Social Stratification, Social Movements, Identity and Bias, Political Sociology, Sociology of Literature, History of Modern Sociology Theories, Communication Sociology, Environment Sociology, current Sociology, Sociology in Turkey, Sociology of Occupations, Women Studies.

“Faculty of Languages, History and Geography Bachelor’s Degree” and “Sociologist” title is assigned to graduates of our department.

Sociologists study social relations of social life, origins of social institutions, principles and rules which define their development and historical documents and carry out field studies with survey, interview and questionnaire methods in order to present these subjects with a sociological know-how. They gather data on structure and problems of society for teachers, law-makers and planning specialists and interpret data in order to develop policies.

Sociologists can also specialize in fields such as family, crime, demography, problems of industry and agriculture, urban-rural settlements, sociology of politics and law.

Sociologists in Turkey work as experts, consultants and researchers in State Planning Organization, Ministry of Public Works and Settlement, Ministry of Forestry, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, TRT and Government-owned Entities. Sociologists are needed in Turkey, which is in a rapid social change and development process, in order to society planning and monitor results of the provided services.

Graduates of Department of Sociology can work as teachers in line with provisions of Ministry of National Education.

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