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Department Head

Prof. Dr. Aysu ATA

+9(0.312) 310 32 80 / 1039


Department of Turkish Language and Literature is amongst the first departments of Faculty of Languages, History and Geography, which was established in accordance with Law No 2795 Dated June 14th, 1935. More precisely, the foundation purpose of the Faculty was carrying out researches and studies on language, in other words, Turkish language and history, training specialists for Turkish Language Association and Turkish Historical Society and “teachers” as it was stated by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. The faculty continues education and scientific research studies in line with objectives in foundation purpose of the faculty. The objective of the undergraduate program of the department is training experts who can define the status of Turkish language and literature in world languages and literatures; carry out scientific researches and analysis on features, development and products and transfer the knowledge and experience in secondary schools.

Based on “Turkish Language” and “Turkish Literature”, the department consists of four sub-departments of which names and field of studies are as follows:

1. Ancient Turkish Language: Historical periods, development and dialects of Turkish;

2. Modern Turkish: developmental stages, writing customs, phonetics, morphology, syntax, vocabulary and dialects of historical and modern Turkish of Turkey;

3. Ancient Turkish Literature: Progresses made in the long period from the first stages of Turkish Literature to formation of New Turkish Literature and comparison of these stages with other literatures; analyzing folk poetry and folk stories with modern methods and theories under general titles of Turkish folk Literature “Oral Literature” and “Popular Literature”;

4. Modern Turkish Literature: development and properties and relations with other literatures of Turkish Literature from 19th century up to now.


“Faculty of Languages, History and Geography Bachelor’s Degree” and “Turkish Linguist” title is assigned to graduates of our department.

Graduates with postgraduate education can work as academicians in universities. They can also begin teaching in primary and secondary schools by fulfilling conditions of Ministry of National Education. They can also work in libraries, archives, ministries and institutions about the field. Graduates with special skills can work in broadcasting corporations.

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